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REDILENS OPTICS PVT. LTD under the DAVISH brand specializes in the manufacture of Protective Eyewear.

Redilens is a leading manufacturer of premium protective eye and face products that set the standard for comfortable, high quality protection at work. With an in house manufacturing and testing lab, we can ensure stringent quality checks and are certified as per IS 5983 and other International norms.

The protective eyewear are designed to meet standards for impact, penetration resistance and optical performance and are available with UV protection, tinted (variety), with lens coatings (anti-fog / anti-scratch).

The eye is the most important sensory organ. In a matter of seconds, irreparable damage may occur, and related to industrial injuries one out of five concerns the eyes. Often all that is needed is to wear well-fitting, stable safety eyewear which offers effective eye protection against injury. Whether in the laboratory, when doing grinding or painting work, DAVISH eye protection glasses and goggles offer a suitable model for nearly all applications in both, professional and private use.

Safety eyewear is defined as any face or eye covering designed to protect the wearer's eyes from contact with flying objects, hazardous liquids, gases or other materials that may be hazardous to the eye. This eyewear is designed to resist impact and shattering when struck by flying objects or hazardous materials. Safety eyewear may include glasses, goggles, and face shields with or without a prescription lens component.

When evaluating the type of eye protection, the supervisor and employee should consider the following: The ability of the safety eyewear to protect against specific workplace hazards.

  • The safety eyewear should fit properly and be comfortable to wear.
  • The safety eyewear must provide unrestricted vision and movement.
  • The safety eyewear must provide unrestricted vision and movement.
  • The safety eyewear should not interfere with or restrict the function of any other PPE the user wears.

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